Friday, 24 June 2011

Your Love My Love

Your love is like a twinkling star
Not too close and not too far.
My love is like an endless sky.
With you it starts and with you it dies ...

Thursday, 23 June 2011

You changed Me...

You changed my life with a blink of an eye
That is something that I cannot deny
You put my soul from worst to best
You just don’t imagine what you have done for me
You even pushed me to the best that I can be
You really are an angel sent from above
To take care of me and shower me with love.

"I do"

O dear Truly
I want to see
in the black suit
Next to me.
I say “I do”
You say “I do”
That is just the start
Now we’ll never be apart

My Goal

You are my morning,
you are my night,
You are my sight,
you are my light,
You are my heart,
you are my soul,
To be with you is my goal.

I need someone…

I need someone…
Someone in my heart beyond all my pride,
Holds a secret desire so deep deep inside.
Someone who keeps me shining day and night,
Someone to make up with after a fight.
Someone who appreciates and respects all I can be,
Someone whose strong enough to commit and love me.
Someone who will be there to kiss away my tears,
Secure my doubts and release my fears.
Someone who can restore my faith in love once again.
This love is like a dream that has yet to become true,
until I found you.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

With out you I am nothing...

I love you, I always have.
You make me smile when I am sad.
You lift my spirit when it is blue.
No one is more special to me than you.
The world means everything to me,
And you are my world.
I love you for a lot of things,
a million others to,
But most of all for what I am when ever I am with you.
I don’t want to be with you for ever,
I need to be with you forever.
And I wouldn’t cry if you walked away,
I would die.
You are my everything,
My world, my universe, my life.
With out you I am nothing...

I have someone...

Finally I have someone to hold me
Some one to care
The only person I want to see
Who will always be there
Happiness has hardly ever crossed my path
Until now
You help me to forget about my past
But I dont know how
I wont feel sad, and I wont feel fear
I wont feel mad, just as long as your here...

My Future...

I watch you from afar...
I look around to see where you are.

Your eyes hit mine for just a minute.
I look back and see my future in it.

I want you...

I'm so in-love I don't know what to do,
I get caught up when I'm with you.

The way you talk and the way you act,
I love you so much I don't wanna go back...

Just thinking about you makes my heart beat fast,
And just being with you I don't wanna look back at my past...

The way I feel about you words can't say,
I want you in my life each and every day.

The Day...

On the day we met
All I said was true
I wanted to tell you
That I really Love you
You took it so funny
But you are my life honey
Why do you have doubts?
What did I not do for you?
I just wanted to know
What you think? What you feel?
You are the one who could heal
All my wounds and all my pains.

How Much...???

In a cold breeze
Sitting outside
I am thinking about you
With the feeling of sadness
there is a disappointment too
When ever i miss you
I feel so pale and blue
How can I tell you?
How much I love you.

My Prayer 4U

I pray to God to take care of you
Either you are out or sleep at home
I wish to say that you are mine
But with sadness and a cold sigh
I lock my mouth and wait for the day
When God will give me chance to say
Until then I am praying and wishing
That God make you soft and willing.

My Favourite Place...

Your arms are my favorite place
I forget every thing in your embrace.
When ever you go far away
I feel sad and always pray.
When you come back to me
I become as happy as can be.

Someone New...

I have been looking
for someone new
Just like you
Wish to have you
As my love
Wish to bind you
As my soul:)

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Can u pls tell Me???

If love makes people happy
why is it making me sad?

If loves fills one's night with sweet dreams
why are my nights full of nightmares?
If love gives people thumbs ups
why am i getting a thumb down in everything?

Is it because I'm not good enough??

Or is love overcrowded??

Perhaps i never deserved to be loved or simply since birth love was never meant for me

Can u please tell me...

My Prize...

We met.
It was destined.
Though understanding this.
Took a lot of time.

Being Friends was the perfect beginning.
But now we are more.
Who thought this day will come.
When I'll b your love.
And you will be mine.

I was not complete, till now.
But i guess, time tries.
When I got you.
That was life's sweet prize.

Monday, 13 June 2011

I wish I cud

I wish I could find what to say.
It doesn't have to be sweet words
I just want you to look my way.
I don't know what is it about you
that caught my eye. But I was
speechless as you walk by.
I wish I could let you know
how beautiful you're before you go
But the words are cage in and would
not flow. I'm speechless as I watch
you walk by, without a hello or
even hi.


Koi fikr thi na koi bahana
Mutthhi mein tha jaise zamana
Kacchi zuban mein wo geet gana
Naye khilaune sabko dikhana
Maang liya zindagi se zyaada
Chhin gaya wo jisne kiya waada
Kaun laye wo pal jo suhane
Beete the jo wo guzre zamane…!!

My Thoughts...

As days go by, my feelings get stronger,
To be in your arms, I can't wait any longer.
Look into my eyes & you'll see that it's true,
Day & night my thoughts are of You.

Don't Ask Me...

I'm Not Begging You To Love Me.
I'm Not Really Even Asking You To.
But Isn't It Alright If I Cherish That Hope In My Heart ?
If I Just Dream Of Holding Your Hand It Will Hurt Me And Not You.
I'll Try To Keep My Eyes From Shining When They See You And
I Promise Not To Smile A Special Smile When You Say Hello.
But Please...
Don't Ask Me
Not To Love You.

What is Love?

What is Love?
Those who don't like it call it responsibility.
Those who play with it call it a game.
Those who don't have it call it a dream.
Those who understand it call it destiny.
And Me, I call it You.

Friday, 10 June 2011

They Say...

They say in true love, you fall in love,
With the same person again with no doubt.
Do you think that is true love at all?
For in it you would have never fallen out.

They say in true love, you don't see faults,
Your lover is perfect and that love is blind.
I'm sure you do see everything in that person,
It's that you ignore the imperfections you find.

They say in true love, you don't have conditions,
It's unconditional, just the person and you.
But conditions and expectations go side by side,
So with expectations how can that be true?

This is why people fail to build true love,
They've turned it into a myth or fantasy.
It's when one puts into it everything he has,
That love becomes true love, and a reality.

A Silent Prayer...

Behind the mask I wear,
there is a hidden world,
Full of hope and dreams unfullfilled.
Behind the mask I wear,
There is a head bowed,
In silent prayer unspoken.
Behind this mask I wear,
There lies a broken heart,
Longing to be loved,
Just for being me.
Behind this mask I wear,
Is a need to be loved,
For this mask I wear,
Is nothing but a smile.


Stop talking, start walking,
I just wanna sing,
On the dance floor,
I love you to death dearest,
But you are sometimes a real pain,
And I refuse,
To be bound by your chain,
The waves crash onto the shore,
And yet I still love you,
More and more,
But sometimes I need my space,
So just, for once, give up the chase,
I just need some room,
You know that I'm a flower in full bloom,
So sit, stop walking away,
There'z something I gotta say...


What is the meaning of the word?
Is it scary,
Does it hurt?
Why do the waves crash onto the shore?
Why do I love you more and more?
How do you do that?
Just make me love you,
Just like that?
Why can your eyes,
Just smile at me,
How can you make me,
So freaking happy?

Without You...

"I don't want You to know, so I try to be strong.
I don't want you to think that without you, I can't go on.
But that's how it is, and that's how it will be,
Because I love you, I need you, I miss you,
n' without you, there's just no me."

You r precious 4 Me...

Sadness comes
and sadness goes
But when I'm with You
My happiness shows
I love when You smile
I love when You speak
There's just something about You
that is so unique
And when I tell you I Love You
I actually do
and when I say I only want You)
It is completely true

Your My Angel

God sent Me an Angel through my troubled times
Its hard to find happiness but my angel doubled mines
Most beautiful smile and He had the best voice
Fell in love instantly I didn't really have a choice
Thank God I have an angel because I don't ask for much
From the way my heart felt my angel has the best touch
Always in my corner although I'm feeling helpless
Even when my angel's gone I can still sense His presence
My angel can turn my day happy when I'm feeling blue
My angel's been here all alone and my angel is only You.

24 by 7...

I cant spend 1 day
without thinking about You
Your the 1st person on my mind
when I wake up in the morning
and the last person on my mind
when I fall asleep at night
24 hours
n' 7 days a week

When I am in class giving a test
when I think of You
thats the only time I do my best
I think of You when I sleep
coz I am with You
and every thing is complete
24 hours a day
n' 7 days a week

Monday, 6 June 2011

Koi Tumse Pooche...

कोई तुमसे पूछे कौन हूँ मैं ,
तुम कह देना कोई ख़ास नहीं .
एक दोस्त है कच्चा पक्का सा ,
एक झूठ है आधा सच्चा सा .
जज़्बात को ढके एक पर्दा बस ,
एक बहाना है अच्छा अच्छा सा .
जीवन का एक ऐसा साथी है ,
जो दूर हो के पास नहीं .
कोई तुमसे पूछे कौन हूँ मैं ,
तुम कह देना कोई ख़ास नहीं .
हवा का एक सुहाना झोंका है ,
कभी नाज़ुक तो कभी तुफानो सा .
शक्ल देख कर जो नज़रें झुका ले ,
कभी अपना तो कभी बेगानों सा .
जिंदगी का एक ऐसा हमसफ़र ,
जो समंदर है , पर दिल को प्यास नहीं .
कोई तुमसे पूछे कौन हूँ मैं ,
तुम कह देना कोई ख़ास नहीं .
एक साथी जो अनकही कुछ बातें कह जाता है ,
यादों में जिसका एक धुंधला चेहरा रह जाता है .
यूँ तो उसके न होने का कुछ गम नहीं ,
पर कभी - कभी आँखों से आंसू बन के बह जाता है .
यूँ रहता तो मेरे तसव्वुर में है ,
पर इन आँखों को उसकी तलाश नहीं .
कोई तुमसे पूछे कौन हूँ मैं ,
तुम कह देना कोई ख़ास नहीं

You r precious...

How should I explain
Without sounding insane,
When your heart knows
What’s deep in your soul
Can it simply be placed on a page?

If I knew of these words
I would say them to you,
Because, My Love, they are my feelings
Heart-felt, genuine and true.

So how do you tell someone
They are more precious than life,
How does one adequately express
What words cannot describe?

I Am Searching For

I Am A Lonely Road Of Broken Dreams
Its A Heaven Date M Searching For,

These Starz Are So Dull
Its A Moon Date I Am Searching For,

Happiness Is So Angry With Me
Its Life Date I Am Searching For,

My Life Is Just Like A Path
Its A Destination Date I Am Searching For,

Dont Know What Is It That I've Lost
May Be It’s ? Me ? Date I Am Searching For...
I dont LIKE Valentine's Day
Not because I'm single.
But because I think You should show how much you love someone everyday,
n'not just on Valentine's

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Teri Yaad

Main lafzon se kuch bhi Izhaar nahi karti,
Iska matlab ye nahi k Main Tujhe Pyaar nahi karti!

Chahti hoon Tujhe Aaj bhi,
Par Teri soch me waqt bekaar nahi karti!

Tamasha na ban jaye kahin Mohabbat Meri,
Isliye Apne dard ko bayaan nahi karti!

Jo kuch mila hai ussi mein khush hoon,
Tere liye Khuda se taqraar nahi karti!

Par kuch to baat hai Teri fitrat me,
Warna Tujhe chahne ki khata baar baar nahi karti!!!


Someday in future,
wen its raining outside n u r sitting near a window,
deep in thought , a memory about d time v spend together
drafts thru ur mind n a silent tear drops down frm ur eyes.
U smile thinking abt me.
...Believe Me, dat day I wil b d happiest person on earth;
not bcoz I made U smile
But its bcoz I was worth Your tears.