Sunday, 28 August 2011

Kash Aap Jisko Chate Ho Unse Mulakat Ho Jaye,
Aur Aankhon Se Baat Ho Jaye,
Aapka Haath Unke Haath Me Ho,
Aur Rimzhim Si BARSAAT Ho Jaye.!

If someone wants to be in your life, they will work hard to be a part of it.
So don’t bother saving a spot for someone who won’t.

Keep loving the person whom U lyk even if dey dont respect ur feelings
Coz at d end of d day,
U'll have a satisfied feeling dat its not ur fault...!!!

"Dont try & perfect urself 4 one person...
Wait 4 the one who loves ur ImPeRfEcTiOn..!"

Kaashh "Tu Chand Aur Mai Sitara Hota"
Aasmaan"Me Ek Aashiana Humara Hota"
Log Tumhe"Door Se Dekhte"
Nazdik "Se Dekhne Ka HaQ Sirf Hamara Hota":)

Teri Dosti Se Humein Pyar Hai Kitna,
Izhaar Hum Kar Nahin Sakte,
Humare Liye Tu Uss Khuda Ki Tarah Hai,
Jiska Deedar Hum Kar Nahin Sakte!

Der r things that we dont want 2 happen but have 2 accept,
Things we dont want 2 know but have 2 learn,
& pple we cant live without but have2 let go.

Koi jab kisi se RUTH jata hai,
To zindagi se HANSI ka saya chuth jata h,
Uske baad do baate hoti h
Koi PATHAR banke JEENE lagta h
koi Sisha bankar TUT jata hai.

Sameer Hashim Abban

A form of TRUE relationship is when
YOU just want the BESTTTT to happen for that person...
No matter it includes YOU or not!

The person who loves u can do anythin at anytime for just 1 smile of urs,
evn aftr knowin tat ur not his/her future.
That's call'd real love..."

"Its hard to care for a person,
when you know that one more step forward,
will make you fall in love 
one step back will ruin your friendship.

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Love says,
I will win him with my silence.

Soul says,
How can I ever win him
When all I have is already his?

He is an angel,
Though he appears in the form of a man.

He sees everything -
How can I ever fool him?

He is not a seeker of fame,
A prince addicted to the praise of poets -
How then can I win him
With flowing rhymes and poetic verses?

There is only one way to win him,
this Beloved of mine -

Become His<3<3<3
"Receive with simplicity
everything that happens to you.”
When a Heart is True
there's no need for words
cause even in silence
Love can be heard:)
"If you have Failed in Love
or don't have that Special 'Someone'. . .
don't Worry,
It's nothing but your Future Partner's Prayer to keep you
Single".. !
I See Him
My Wrist Watch
Stops Ticking
...But My Heart Strikes
Additional Beats
To Compensate The
Loss ... :)
Love Iz Nothing
But Respect, Care & Trust...
If U Dont Trust, Care Or Respect Da Pers0n...
Y0u D0nt Love Him...
In L O V E
I am Amazed
How One Person
Can Trigger
A Million Thoughts
In My Head ...
"I Dont Love Or Propose Who Ever I See ,
Because I Am The Gifted IDIOT
To My Handsome King "

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Behind every strong girl, there is (or at least was) a guy who made her strong!
There are moments in my life that I’ll never forget,
not because they were important,
but just because you were there!

Monday, 1 August 2011

Sometimes We come into a person's life not to make them love us
But to let them feel they're so much worth loving for...