Friday, 9 December 2011

हवी होती फक्त दोन अक्षरं
हवी होती फक्त दोन अक्षरं
पहिलं होत 'प्रे', दुसरं होतं 'म'

'प्रे' म्हणजे प्रेरणा तुझी
'म' म्हणजे मन माझं

धुंद अश्या मना माझ्या
लागली आस प्रेरणेची तुझ्या

वाटलं होतं एकदातरी जुळतील, हि अक्षरं
जुळनं राहिलं लांबच,बहुतेक होतील नश्वर

गेली वेळ निघुन आता, झाले अक्षरांचे शब्दांतर
दुसऱ्या अक्षराच्या माझ्या, झाले आज 'त' त रुपांतर
♥♥♥तुझी आठवण♥♥♥ आली की मला काहीच सुचत नाही,
तू म्हणतेस कविता कर माझ्यावर
पण शब्दच फुटत नाही.
डोळ्यांसमोर सारखे तुझे़च चित्र
तूच दिसते सर्व जागी
...अशी फीलिंग विचित्र,
तुझ्यासाठी काय लिहावे तेच मला कळत नाही,
तुझी आठवण आल्यावर मला काहीच सुचत नाही.
What Is Love?
None can explain
It is like a bruise
Which gives a lot of pain
In this interesting game
Some lose and some gain.
“Loving someone who doesn’t love you back is like hugging a cactus.
The tighter you hold on, the more it hurts."
I know it's hard to believe...
that I really do love you.
I know you are confused...
because of what they say.
I know you are afraid...
... to get hurt again.
but you don't know...
that I am afraid too.
but still I accept the chance...
to fall in love with you.
though I already had relationships before...
though you are not my first...
you are definitely my last!
And there is one thing that is true...
I never loved them.....

The way ♥♥♥ I Love You ♥♥♥
When I look into your eyes, I know it’s true;
You were made for Me and I for You.
Just the thought of being with you tomorrow,
is enough to get me through today. ♥♥♥
Wo kaisa shakhs hai ke har roz saza deta hai
phir hansta hai wo itna ke bhula deta hai
kabhi jo ro de toh mujhko bhi bhool jata hai
or phir bhool ke mujhko bhi rula deta hai
usse poochon ke bata kisse mohabbat hai tujhe
... naam sergoshi me mera hi suna deta hai
khud he kehta hai na dohraao puraani yaadein
mai na dohraaon toh khud hi suna deta hai..!
I asked an old man:
"Which is more important?
To love or to be loved?
Old man replied:
Which is more important to a bird?
The left wing or the right wing?
Relationships are like sharing a book,
it doesn't work if you're not one the same page...
I know what it's like to get hurt by a guy,
but I wonder what it's like for a guy to get hurt by a girl.
Don't wait for someone to bring you flowers.
Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul.
Nothing is better than having someone
as your lover
your best friend.
Dil toot jata hai par KhanaK nahi hoti
Har dhadkan roti hai par palak nahi roti
Mohabbat naam hai Qurbani ka
Jo sharto pe mile wo mohabbat nahi hoti:)
Har Taraf Dunia Me Itni Rasme Kyu Hai
Pyar Zindgi Hai To Isme Kasme Kyu Hai
Hame Batata Q Nahi Ye Raaz Koi,
Dil Hai Apna To Kisi aur Ke Bas Me Kyu Hai
Jaane DUNIYA me Aisa Q Hota Hai.?
Jo Sab Ko KHUSHI De Wahi Rota Hai?
Umar Bhar Jo Saath Na De Sake
Mohabbat Muqaddar Hai Koi Khwaab Nahi
Ye Wo Ada Hai Jisme Sab Kamyaab Nahi
Jinhe Panaah Mili Unhe Ungliyo Pe Gin Lo
Jo Barbaad Hue UnKa Hisaab Nahi..!
Tujhse BICHADNE Ka KhayaL Seh Nahi Pate,
Q Hai Zindagi Mein Iss Kadar Majburiyan,
Maut Bhi Aati Nahi,
ZINDA Bhi Reh Nahi Pate..!
Love isn't a fight,
but it is worth fighting for
I must say, I am not involved
in''LOVE'' but I believe, Loneliness
makes Me the ''victim"...
More often we fall in Love wid a
person we can never live wid
Sumtyms the one we truly love remains
either a FRIEND or a STRANGER
May b dats lyf.
Hume To Iss Qadar Logon Ko Bhula Diya Hai
Saanse Toh Chal Rahi Hain
Zinda Hone Ka Ehsaas Khatam Ho Gaya Hai..!
Kehte Hai Ki
"Zeher AUR Pyar" me koi farq nahi hota hai.
"Zeher" peene ke baad log mar jaate hain
"Pyar" karne ke baad log jee nahi paate hain..!
Someone Asked Me,
What Kind Of Person Do I Want To Love?.
I Just Said,
"Someone Who Is Not Strong..... Not Strong Enough To Let Me Go.
Love is like a drug...
It either gives you the best feeling,
or messes you up.
When two people really care about each other,
they will always look for a way to make it work,
no matter how hard it is.
For everything you have missed, you have gained something else,
and for everything you gain, you lose something else.
If you have love in your life
it can make up for a great many things you lack.
If you don’t have it,
no matter what else there is,
it’s not enough.
To be honest with you,
I do not have the words to make you feel better,
but I do have the arms to give you a hug,
ears to listen to whatever you want to talk about,
and I have a heart that is aching to see you smile again.
Ehsaas Badal Jatey Hain Bass 0r Kuch Nahi...
Warna Mohabbat 0r Nafrat Ek Hi Dil Se Hoti Hai
Love is like a rubber band held at both ends by two people...
when one lets go,
it will hurt the one still holding on:(
" Letting other things happen doesnt mean you've given up.
Its simply knowing that beyond risking,
sometimes it falls perfectly in place after waiting!"
“If you love someone, love them with all your mind, body, and soul.
Otherwise, dont love at all as it only leads to the pain of dissatisfaction.”
“Someday, someone is going to walk into your life and
make you realize why it never worked out with anyone else.”
“Everyone knows how to love
but do everyone know how to keep on loving the same person
for better or worse,
in sickness and in health,
and for richer or poorer…”
“Relationships are like algebra.
It’s complicated, and sometimes the problems are hard.
In the end you get through each problem and always find out
that x and y belong together.”