Tuesday, 5 July 2011

I am in love...

I am in love with a guy who doesn't know it
And that's because I am afraid to show it
He would get upset if he knew how i felt
And even more for the pain I've dealt

If I told him our friendship would have to end
Then I couldn't even have him as a friend
I get so jealous, he likes her instead
I hate how this all goes through my head

I could know for a fact that this was true
But now all I can say is that I love you
I owe it to you, for all that you do
You make me happy, mad, and even sad too.

My heart is so happy whenever your near,
But when your gone my eye gives a tear
My friends all know I still love you
But one question, "do you?"

I want you to know, you brighten my day.
Even when you stop just to say hey
Your smile so bright, is what keeps me going,
Which keeps my love for you showing

I want you to be happy,
I only wish it could be with me,
I have feelings just as much as you,
And just like you, I'm human too.

Well that's all that my heart has got to say
But promise me now on this day
That you will at least be my friend,
My friend forever until the end.